Why Coffee Lovers Need to Own a French Press


Coffee tastes have really changed in recent years since cafes have began to introduce some weird and wonderful coffees. Now, many of us are not in a position to always be drinking coffee out in cafes and so we have adopted many different approaches to making the perfect cup of coffee at home. If you are a coffee lover like myself, then there really only is one option in terms of making coffee at home, and that is the French press.

I was given this coffee press last year and as someone who adores coffee, it is has been an absolute Godsend. If you are in any doubt, here is why you need one of these coffee makers in your home.

Better Flavor

Let’s start off with the most compelling argument when it comes to using a French press, the flavor. The reason why the flavor is better when you use one of these coffee presses is because you do so with coarsely ground coffee beans, which are much fuller in flavor. During the grinding process, beans lose their flavor when ground down to powder, something you won’t have to worry about with a French press. Another aspect of the press is that you can leave your coffee to brew to your taste, something which you cannot do with instant coffee or through the use of a machine.

No Breakage

When I used to use a coffee machine, I would find that I’d have to replace it every couple of years because one of the components broke. With a French press, the only time that you need to worry about it breaking is if you drop it on the floor, failing that, you will be able to rely on your press for a long time to come.

No More Filters

When it comes to using paper filters, they can be a real pain in terms of replacing them, and getting the thickness of the filter just right. Another negative aspect of paper filters are that they absorb germs and grease from the air and then drip that into your coffee, no thank you! With a press however, there are no paper filters to worry about and the metal-basedfilter within them does not require replacing, only cleaning. These filters give you a cleaner cup of coffee and ensure that there is no grit left over in the cup.

Touch of Class

I don’t care what anybody says, the practice of pressing your coffee really does add a touch of class to proceedings and turns your coffee into something of an event rather than simply filling up a cup. In fact, I recently hosted a dinner party and when I brought the French press out at the end to serve everyone their coffee, it became the talk of the dinner table. Coffee should be enjoyed in this way and if you buy a French press, this is exactly what you will get.

What are you waiting for? Get a French press in your life ASAP.

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