Why AIRBNB is better than hotels for family travels

Why AIRBNB is better than hotels for family travels

AirBnb has grown in a big way in recent years and it is challenging the hotel industry across the world. The idea of AirBnb falls squarely into the ethos of  sharing economy and it allows people to rent out rooms, spaces and accommodation which are privately owned. The success of AirBnb has come down to the fact that it is a more affordable and flexible option when compared to hotel rentals and it is no surprise that it has become such a popular way for people to enjoy travel and vacations. As a parent I can honestly say that when it comes to traveling with the kids, I completely prefer AirBnb to hotels and here are just a few reasons to support this statement.

Sleeping Arrangements

Even though you may extend bed time a little given the fact that you are on vacation, the kids will still go to bed before you do. In the past when we stayed at hotels, this meant that we either had to stay in the hotel room until we decided to go to bed, or lock the door and worrying pass the evening in the bar, checking in every 30 minutes. With an AirBnb this is not necessary as you essentially have a home from home, these days we can put the kids to bed and then sit out by the pool or on the deck whilst the kids snooze away.


I don’t know about your kids but mine eat at erratic times and they are constantly changing their mind in terms of what they want, they also very rarely eat with us. For this reason an AirBnb is absolutely perfect because I can easily make the kids a quick sandwich or a snack during the day when they are hungry. When you are in a hotel you are restricted to eating in their restaurant or going out for food, neither of which is fun when only one person in the family is hungry.


Even if you are able to get a large hotel room for the full family, you are still grouped in together and if you have kids of different ages like we do, this can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Last year however, we rented an AirBnb which had 2 rooms, this was perfect because the baby came in with us, and the two older ones could bunk in together, in privacy and they could make noise without waking the baby.


Traveling with young kids means that you need to keep them entertained throughout and the additional space which you can find in an AirBnb versus what you will find in a hotel room is incredibly different. This means that we could get our children’s play stuff out and spread it about on the floor without using too much hassle. I loved the fact that the two older ones could wander about the apartment and play outside as they pleased, thanks to it being a gated community, something I would not have let them do in a hotel.

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