Why a Camping Holiday is the Perfect Option For Families

Why a Camping Holiday is the Perfect Option For Families

If you are looking for a family holiday idea for this summer then why not take a look at the idea of going on a camping holiday. Some of my fondest memories of being younger was each summer we would head off around the UK to different campsites and caravan sites, we used to go tent camping in Cornwall, caravanning in Wales and occasionally head up to the north of Scotland for a couple of weeks enjoying the countryside, with our tents in hand. A camping trip is the perfect family holiday and here are just some of the reasons why you should consider it this year.


A great many kids don’t get to enjoy nature as much as they should, often they are cooped up with their phones and tablets, or playing on the street outside, without a tree in sight. For those kids who live like this, a camping trip is the perfect way for them to get back in touch with nature and learn more about the world around them. Must and Dads can also benefit from spending time in a natural environment, in order to destress, relax and take a break from daily life.


Family holidays are not cheap, especially if you are looking at taking the kids abroad on a beach holiday. Camping trips, especially domestic camping trips, can work out far cheaper, yet still pack in just as much fun as any other type of holiday. Generally speaking you will only be looking at paying your site fees, petrol for the journey, and then food and drink whilst you are away, plus the occasional attraction fees which you decide to go to.


One thing which you can most certainly say about a camping trip is that everyone will be doing a great deal of activities. With no TV to watch, no swimming pools or beaches to spend time at, families will need to be resourceful with games and sports to keep the kids occupied. We often overlook the simple things in life, yet staying in the great outdoors and running about and playing with the kids, is a simple and fun way to spend your time.


A lot of flexibility comes with this type of holiday, as you are not bound to one place for the duration of the trip. If you so wish you can do some nights in one campsite, and some more nights in another location. The fact that you will have your car with you also means that you can head out and discover nearby attractions and places. In some cases when I used to go away with my parents, we would drive around 3 hours, pitch up for a couple of nights, then drive another 2 or 3 hours to a completely different location and stay there for 3 or 4 nights, I used to love the variety and the excitement of travel, and this is the adventure that you can give your kids.

If you haven’t been on a camping adventure before, why not take one with the family this year!

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