Things To See & Do In Looe – 3 of The Best

Things To See & Do In Looe – 3 of The Best

Looe is a beautiful seaside town in Cornwall, you can walk anywhere without feeling relaxed and taking in the breath taking sea views. If you haven’t been there yet then I think you should head there as soon as possible. Escape the big city and have a quiet weekend away enjoying the water activities and walks in the countryside – you’ll head back home feeling refreshed.

There are plenty of there’s plenty to see and many things to do in Looe. Here are 3 of the best:

The Looe to Polpero Walk

This is a super popular walking trail in Cornwall and at just over 5.5 miles each way along the South West Coast Path, it’s more than doable for walkers of all fitness levels. You’ll take in various different sites along the way my favourite being the spectacular views you get of Looe Island and Looe Bay. Once you hit Talland you can take a well earned break in the local cafe there, we always stop for lunch and a coffee.

The walk is a great idea if you’re in Looe. Take a whole day to complete it so you have plenty of time to stop along the way and explore. Once you reach the end all you have to do is hop on the bus back to Looe, but if you’re feeling fit then walk back to build up an appetite for dinner.

The Money Sanctuary

This sanctuary was founded way back in 1964 with the aim to care for wooly monkeys that had been rescued. Now you can find the sanctuary full of monkeys related to the original inhabitants from decades gone by – in total there are 37 monkeys.

When you visit you will be able to watch the monkeys living in their special made huge home. The staff will teach you about each monkey, their unique story and how they all live happily as a group. Once you’ve finished inside you can stroll in the gardens, take your kids to the play area and enjoy a coffee, before picking up some souvenirs in the gift shop.

If that isn’t enough you can even get a glimpse of a rare species of horseshoe bats, they’re some of the smallest bats on the planet. Their home is down in the cellar below the sanctuary, you have to go into the special bat room to watch them on CCTV with night vision.

East Looe Beach

Situated right next to the old part of town, East Looe Beach is best known as being a super family friendly place. The waters are shallow and the slopes are very gentle, this means that it’s easy to access and extremely safe for swimming – the other good part is that it is protected from any harsh ocean conditions by various man-made sea defences. Bringing the kids here is a winner, they’ll love building sand castles, the ice cream and splashing in the sea. There are plenty of shops and cafes for you to pick up anything you need.

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