Must Haves When Traveling With Kids

Must Haves When Traveling With Kids


Traveling is exciting, but it can easily become overwhelming if you are not fully prepared for it. One of the main reasons why people decide to travel is because they want to experience different cultures. This can be done in a lot of ways. While young adults and teenagers might find it easier to backpack around the globe, when it comes to traveling with kids things are not as simple. When you travel, you need to bring a lot of items with you in order to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Nonetheless, overpacking is a major problem that complicates your journey a lot.

Having to look after your kids at all times when you are in a foreign country is complicated enough, but making sure that your belongings are safe only generates more problems. Therefore, one has to find a way of bringing just the essentials. No matter how difficult that might sound at first, it is doable. This is also a good lesson that kids need to learn ever since a young age. They need to be responsible for their toys and make sure their clothes are kept in good condition during the whole journey. These are a few essentials that you need to pack before going away with your kids.

Zip-Lock Bags

Traveling becomes a lot easier once you start using zip-lock bags. They are great for storing items of clothing, toys or toiletries. Another amazing advantage is the fact that they don’t take up a lot of space, so they make it easier to find certain objects in your bag. Besides the fact that they make your bag look organized, they are also very light. There is nothing worse than going on vacation and realizing that some liquids have spilled in your bag. When you’re traveling with kids you need to bring a few liquids with you (e.g. syrups, body lotion, shampoo, etc.) and thanks to these bags you can be sure that they are all in a safe place. These kinds of bags can be used even when you get to your destination and need to pack snacks for the day. After all, they are little sandwich bags.

Food and Snacks

Food is an important part of your journey. No matter what means of transportation you are taking, it is good to bring some food with you. Considering the fact that airplane food is not the best option that you can choose from, packing a few healthy snacks is a smart idea. Parents know that kids love snacking and if you don’t plan on spending money on unhealthy snacks, you might want to pack some in your luggage. Kids love snacking on healthy treats if they look appealing. Cut some vegetables or make a fruit salad and bring some nuts and you’ll be set.  


This is also a no-brainer. It is obvious that everyone needs to bring clothes when going on vacation. The real question is how many of those clothes are truly needed? Packing the whole wardrobe is a pitfall that many people fall into. Since you are in charge of packing your kid’s clothes, it is time to be responsible and decide what outfits they will be able to wear while away. Opt for comfort and versatility. Overalls are probably the most versatile item of clothing that you could pack when going away. You can discover more about them on this website. As the same time, if you tend to go to fancy restaurants when you’re on vacation or if you’re traveling to celebrate an important event, you could pack a cute dress for a girl and a nice shirt for a boy.

Entertainment Options

Everyone knows that kids don’t have a lot of patience. They tend to get bored easily, but they can be distracted just as easy. Books are good sources of entertainment on long journey. Though, not everyone is a big fan of reading on car rides. Toys are considered essentials for kids. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that you are not bringing too many. A smart device is just as great when going away. It can be utilized by kids to watch cartoons or listen to audiobooks during flights or used by parents for directions. Those are some of the reasons why bringing a gadget with you is not as bad as some might think. No one says that you need to spend your whole journey connected to the internet, but it is useful to have it in your bag.     

Tracking Device

Another gadget that you could consider investing in if you’re going on vacation with your kids is a tracking watch. This allows them to be independent while exploring unfamiliar areas around the hotel or even in pools as they are waterproof. Parents can track their kids through a smartwatch at all times. Vacations seem a bit less stressful when parents are able to relax and kids experience a bit of independence. This is a good investment that will revolutionize the way you travel. If bringing a nanny with you is too much, this technology is definitely something worth considering.

Airbed for Kids

If you don’t want to sleep with your toddler for the whole journey, you can just bring a small airbed for them. Kids love the idea of sleeping on an airbed. If you feel that this is too much to carry around, you can just ask the accommodation staff to provide you with such a bed. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential when you are away. The comfort you get at night can affect your mood and energy levels. No one wants to deal with grumpy kids. Thus, an airbed is a simple solution to this problem.

When packing for a vacation with kids, give yourself plenty of time just to make sure that you are bringing only the essentials. These are just as a few suggestions that could come in handy for parents that are planning to go on a journey for the first time with their kids. No matter what you decide to bring with you, keep in mind that the less items you pack, the better the experience.

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