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Make Travel Plans At


Although we usually enjoy traveling slow, we have really ramped up the travel in the past couple of months, traveling the globe and hitting destination after destination. Last year we made a list of the cities which we wanted to visit that we hadn’t been to before, and we got booked up. We  usually make travel plans at and we got some awesome prices on our trips, check them out when you are planing your next trip. We actually got a lot of inspiration from the site in terms of where to go and I wanted to give you guys a sample of a few of the awesome places we have been to thanks to the deals we got on the Onetravel site.

Mexico City

Despite having been to Mexico before we’d never visited the capital, but I am so glad we have now. Mexico City is the perfect combination of old and new, the city’s districts vary wildly and around each corner there is more to discover. The city has over 150 museums, there is art in the streets and some of the architecture here, both old and new, is incredible. The city is really on the up and is being called the ‘New Berlin’ thanks to its prominent arts scene. For me, the best thing about the city was the food, with local cuisine on offer in every street, and on every corner. If you do go to Mexico City, you simply have to try the street food, very different from the food that we Americans like to call ‘Mexican’ and far better.

New Orleans

Super cool, chilled out and visually amazing, New Orleans is one of the few cities that I have visited that I would call unique. I had wanted to go to the home of jazz for a while and this was the first city on the tour. Very often we build places up in our minds to be something that they are not but I felt absolutely no disappointment when I arrived in New Orleans. The French Quarter here is where you’ll find these quaint colonial buildings, live music pretty much everywhere and the iconic streets such as Bourbon and Basin. Just outside the French Quarter you’ll find the iconic Mississippi river, perfect for a sunset cruise.  This city loves to party, it was very safe and the whole of New Orleans just seems to be relaxed and fun loving.


We like to teach the kids about different cultures and expose them to the wider world as often as possible. It was this we had in mind when we decided to take a short road trip down to Marrakech. We were staying in Agadir, a beach resort just 2 hours away, so we couldn’t resist. The city feels like walking into a different world, it operates much in the same way that it has for hundreds of years and it was an astonishing place to visit. The streets are mazy, the buildings old and ornate and there is a calming kind of chaos throughout Marrakech. As you walk through the streets here you will find the most incredible markets, or souks as they are called in Morocco, where there is all manner of things to buy from local leather to hand made souvenirs. If you do manage to get to Marrakech I would implore you to try a traditional tajine, a cooking pot used for a variety of dishes. I owed absolutely recommend Marrakech and I wish we’d planned more than day there.

And so there are my recommendations for your city hotspots next year, it’s back to traveling slowly for us, but I’m sure it won’t be for long!

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