Kids and Bali – a perfect mix!

Kids and Bali – a perfect mix!

Last year we were lucky enough to take a summer break to Bali, the beautiful Indonesian island which has so much to offer all kinds of tourists. We had our reservations as to how good this place would be for three young children but a fried of ours had previously been and told us that it was a good place to take the kids. As it turned out, our friends were exactly right and in spite of the long haul flight which we took to get us there, the kids absolutely loved every minute of their time in Bali, and have even asked to go back. I you are unsure as to whether or not this is a suitable vacation destination for kids, here is why kids and Bali make for a perfect mix.


There are some great hotels across the island which are really geared up for children and offer a kids club, games, activities and adventures all within the hotel itself. This not only takes the pressure off the parents who can relax by the pool in peace, but also gives the kids something to do and most importantly, new friends to meet.


I did have some fears around safety when we were out and about but I needn’t have done as the locals were incredibly warm and hospitable towards the kids and at no point can I honestly say that I was worried about their welfare. There are some areas of Bali which are really dedicated to the party ┬ábut you can quickly learn where these area are and avoid them.

Fun at the Beach

My kids absolutely love the beach and thankfully there was plenty for them to do once we hit the sand. We found a surf school which had kids’ lessons so we enrolled all three and they fell in love with the sport instantly, well, two out of three did. There was so much going on for kids on the beach that they kept wanting to go back again and again. The beaches are big but they are well geared up for you spending the day in one spot and we were able to relax and sunbathe as the kids went off playing.


We went to a couple of the animal sanctuaries that you will find here which the kids absolutely loved but more than this it was the animals roaming about the island that the kids particularly enjoyed.


Family vacations are not cheap affairs and we were over the moon to discover that almost everything in Bali was super cheap and our money really went far over there. Naturally our flights cost us a great deal of money but that was compensated by the fact that we only spent 50% of our spending money and we didn’t need to shirk on anything at all.

Bali really is a great place for kids of all ages and I would recommend it to any family who is looking for somewhere new and interesting to travel to.


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