How To Save Money as a Family

How To Save Money as a Family

All families need to tighten their belts once in a while and we are no different. Trying to save money as a family is far more complicated than when you only have to think about yourself and there are far more things that must be paid, and far more areas in which you can find to save some money.

Over the years I like to think that we have perfected saving money as a family and I wanted to share our tips with you so that you too can save some cash as a family.

Get The Kids Involved

Getting the kids involved can not only help you with your savings plan, it can also help to teach them about the value of money. Another great benefit of involving the kids is that they will also be able to understand why you will need to say no to somethings when they ask. Try playing games with the kids to get them in the saving frame of mind and keep talking to them about how you are getting on.

Ten Second Rule

It may sound pretty simple but the ten second rule can actually help you to save a great deal of money. Basically you should pick up anything which you want to purchase, and hold on to it for 10 seconds whilst you consider whether or not you should buy it. Try it out and just see how many items you put back on the shelf!


If any of my kids outgrew their clothes or tore them, I would usually just replace them straight away, not something that helps to save you money. Instead of this I try to hand the clothes down through the kids which means that I have to buy less clothing. I have also dusted down my sewing machine and if an item of clothing is only slightly damaged, I will fix it myself.

List of House Rules

Listing energy usage in the house is really important and in order to help the whole family stay focused on what they are supposed to be doing, make sure that you have some house rules up around the home. Things like switching lights off in rooms that aren’t in use, closing doors, not putting the heating on for too long and making sure that gadgets are unplugged is the kind of thing that I have on my house rules and we even installed a penalty system for those who break them.

Rewards and Loyalty Programs

Feeding a family of 5 means that there aren’t too many ways of saving money on the weekly shop, in order to get the most out of it however, you should be looking to join as many rewards and loyalty systems as you can. These schemes reward you for spending money and you can get a good selection of money off vouchers and additional bonuses, without doing anything different from what you normally would. ┬áMost supermarkets have these schemes and they offer a great way for you to save some money around the home.

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