How to keep the kids occupied on long haul flights

How to keep the kids occupied on long haul flights

If you are taking kids with you on a long haul flight then I can tell you from experience that the best thing to do is arm yourself to the teeth with entertainment. This is not just so that you can have some relaxation time on the flight, but also so that your kids don’t get too bored and that the flight timeless that little but quicker for them. Us adults can entertain ourselves on flights with such length but kids cannot and here is how to keep them occupied when you are traveling long haul.


The first thing to do is manage their sleeping in the run up to the flight to ensure that they are nice and tired and that they can sleep for the majority of the flight. I have always struggled to sleep on planes but kids can sleep anywhere and if you can tire them out first, much of the flight can be taken up with sleep.


Make sure that you have plenty of games to take with you when you head off for your flight and I would recommend downloading plenty of games on a phone or tablet. The beauty of interactive games such as this is that the kids will have a huge range of games to play, and you won’t have to fill up your hand luggage to take them all with you.


Try to think of challenges for the kids to keep their minds active and stop them from being bored. The choice is yours as to what you will do with them but I like totally simple games with them like ‘I spy with my little eye’ and even things like ‘who can stay quietest the longest wins a prize,’ the latter is slightly cruel I know, but if it works…


One of the best ways that I have found to keep the kids busy during a long flight is to get them to write about their trip and put entries in their travel diary. I like to give me kids a camera, a notepad and a pen and tell them that I will judge the best work at the end of the trip. Equally you could ask your kids to write you a story about their journey and they can use other passengers on the plane for incentive, doing this will keep them occupied and make sure that they stay creative during a long flight.

Visit To The Cockpit

Your key to keeping the kids busy and occupied could be the lure of a trip to the cockpit. Speak to the cabin crew as you are boarding, or shortly after you ahem taken off about the possibility of letting the kids up front to see what is going on. You can then use this as an incentive for your children and let them know that you will be rewarding good behavior with a trip up to see the pilot. This has worked every time in my experience.

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