Golf Weekends Are The Best Way To Escape The City

 Golf Weekends Are The Best Way To Escape The City

Golf has been a hobby of mine since I was young, in recent years I have started to go anyway on weekends golfing with my friends more and more. There’s no better way to relax, spend time with friends and get some fresh air.

When the sun is shining we love heading to the coast because golf courses in Cornwall are some of the best you’ll find in the country. If you haven’t been on a golf weekend yet or you really need an extra push to get your friends together and make a plan, here are some great reasons why I think you should book one as soon as possible!

All Day Banter

It can be on the course or back in the bar, there is a great camaraderie golfers have with one another when on a golf holiday. If you miss a 2 footer on the back nine with your mates watching on you’re never going to live it down, and if you hit a hole in one then your glory will last for eternity – whatever happens on the course, you’re sure to have a lot of laughs and jokes because that’s one of the main parts of the holiday.

The Bonding

If it’s been a while since you and your friends got together because some have moved away, work or family commitments, then there really is no better way for you to catch up than strolling along the fairways in some sun soaked destination. You get hours on the course to chat to one another, see if your game has improved, bring out those old sporting rivalries and sink a few beers watching the sunset when you’re done. It’s better than just meeting up for the odd family dinner once or twice a year!

It’s Easier To Organise

When we have families and work long hours it can often be difficult to get permission for a weekend away to play golf. This becomes easier if it is in fact a big group going, because no one wants to be the person left out or be the reason why their partner can’t go. So if you’re going in a group of old buddies it’s more than likely you’ll get approval from your better half!

Are you a fellow golfer? Do you like to escape for the weekend with your buddies? I would love to get some recommendations from you about great places to go, courses to play and best places to grab a beer afterwards. Just pop your thoughts in the comment section below this post, I am really looking forward to reading everything you guys have to share.

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