African Experiences Which Everyone Should Try

African Experiences Which Everyone Should Try

I have visited various parts of Africa on 3 different occasions now, and each time I see something new which blows my mind. I have long believed that Africa is a very misunderstood continent where the fear of the danger that exists, has resulted in people ruling out a trip to the best parts of this fascinating corner of the world.

Having just got back from another trip which saw me visit some of the north African nations, I wanted to round up all of my African trips to give you some of the best experiences which I think everyone should try. If you have ruled out African countries as a travel destination, here are some reasons why you should think again.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing the ‘Roof of Africa’ was a sensational experience which I had longed to complete for quite a while. The first time that I went to Africa I simply wasn’t in the required physical condition to scale this near-6,000 metre mountain. The second time that I went to Africa however, Tanzania was my first stop and over the course of 12 days, I managed to summit this incredible beast of a mountain. The altitude can be a real pain and make the trek arduous but as long as you are in good physical condition, there is nothing to stop you from standing on top of Africa at the summit of Kilimanjaro.

The Pyramids

There was so much to look forward to ahead of my trip to Egypt and in truth, I would say that I had little expectation of the pyramids themselves. Having traveled for a while I have learned that many famous spots can disappoint ¬†you, and that having seen so many ruins throughout the world, I didn’t think that seeing more would make me overly excited. In spite of this, I still wanted to tick off the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, and so I headed out from Cairo to see the Great Pyramid of Giza. Fortunately for me, this experience was everything that I though that it wouldn’t be, the pyramids are fascinating and the stories behind the tombs and the pyramids themselves really took my breath away. If you are heading to northern Africa, believe the hype and visit these intriguing pyramids.

Tribal Stay

At the risk of appearing as though I was exploiting the tribal way of life in Africa, I stayed with the amazing Massai tribe during my time in Tanzania. This tribe actively welcome tourists into their world and during the 2 days that I spent there, I learned a fascinating amount about both myself, and the tribe. During my stay I was presented with hand made clothing, I worked with the young men and women, cared for the animals and danced with the elders, a fascinating experience which I would absolutely recommend to everyone.

What would you like to do if you visited Africa?

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