5 Spots You MUST Go Glamping in whilst in the US!

For people that want to go on holiday and enjoy the great outdoors without giving up certain luxuries such as spacious private bathrooms, warm showers and comfortable beds, glamping is certainly the way to go. The hottest new trend and solution for people that want to live in nature the luxurious was is taking the world by storm. All over the USA new glamping destinations are popping up and people love them!

You’ll find places with everything from personal chefs to hand crafted furniture, whatever it is you’re looking for you’ll be able to find it. So if you’re looking for the best fall vacation destinations to go glamping we have drawn up a list of the top 5 on offer in the USA.

Paws Up, Montana

The luxury resort at Paws Up, Montana, is easily one of the most glamorous destinations for glamping in the country. The beautiful safari tents include the finest linen, rustic furnishings, en-suite bathrooms, a professional chef and also a butler to take care of all your needs. It’s one of the best places for a romantic getaway with your loved one.

Camp Orenda, NY State

This is the place to be if you want an authentic style holiday in the backcountry. Here you’ll find custom-made canvas tents, mouth-watering food and every outdoor activity imaginable. The aim of the guys from Camp Orenda is create a real outdoor experience with all of the comforts from home – these guys really are experts!

Falling Waters Resort, North Carolina

The unique thing about glamping here is that instead of tents guest stay in yurts. The yurts are circular structures, which have both French doors and beautiful large windows. Close to the resort you can find hiking trails, kayaking, white water rafting, fishing and canopy tours. Inside your yurt you’ll be treated to a large queen size bed, coffee maker, but best of all is the dome skylight – it gives you the best view to marvel at the stars.

C Lazy U Ranch, Colorado

This all-inclusive ranch is a paradise for glampers. You get some of the best glamping accommodation in the country; loads of activities and a real fell for nature without giving up home comforts. If you go hear you’ll never forget the luxury spa on the riverfront and also the mind-blowing massage tents suspended over the river with glass floors.

Sequoia High Sierra Camp, California

To experience the beauty and luxury of the Sequoia High Camp you have to earn your stay, that’s because you have to hike for around one mile to reach the camp. Trust me when I say that it’s worth the effort. Of course the canvas tents are luxurious. But the main reason for coming here are the activities; horseback riding, fly fishing and hiking. Once you’ve built up an appetite order up a 5-course meal cooked up by one of the highly skilled chefs.

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