5 Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Memory Foam Mattress

5 Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress is made of polyurethane and other chemicals. The high density “memory” foam reacts to body heat, molding around the person’s body and retaining that shape for a while if the person gets up. It eventually returns to its original shape after the person leaves. Their originally high price compared to traditional mattresses kept them from being widely adopted. Here are 5 reasons you should consider getting a memory foam mattress.

Improved Circulation

Memory foam mattresses were originally used in medical settings. The soft, cushioning material supported the patient without the harder pressure points of traditional mattresses. This reduced the problems caused by decreased blood flow and with it the risk of pressure sores or gangrene. This is a critical factor in favor of memory foam mattresses if you spend significant time in bed or have mobility problems.

Improved Posture at Night

Memory foams adjust to your body shape instead of forcing your body to fit its design. It literally supports spine and back alignment. This is critical for those who already have back problems or neck pain. It also helps those who sleep on their side to sleep more comfortably since it cradles the body in its natural, neutral position. Note that a memory foam mattress can support you in any position, including sleeping on your stomach or back. Different mattresses have different levels of firmness, so research your options at whatsthebestbed.org before you select a specific mattress.

Another reason to get a memory foam mattress is that it fits in adjustable beds, so you can use this comfortable mattress no matter what elevation or position you put the bed in.

Blessed Silence

A foam mattress won’t speak and groan when you turn over. It won’t wake up your partner with noise when you get out of bed. It also lacks the springs that can spring loose and poke you. The relatively still material and lack of bouncing around is a benefit for couples with different work and sleep schedules. One person getting out of bed won’t bother the other.

Pain Relief for Some

Memory foam mattresses react to body heat and absorb the heat. The heat retention qualities have been found to help at least a few pain sufferers of fibromyalgia and other conditions. On the downside, this can create overheating if you’re prone to hot flashes or sleeping under too many blankets. One option is a memory foam mattress with a cooling option to eliminate this problem.

Allergy Relief

The dense memory foam makes it very difficult for dust mites to live there. The material also resists absorption of pet dander and mold. You can amplify the benefit by putting a plastic cover over the bed. These mattresses are very low maintenance barring the occasional surface vacuuming unless you’ve got pets shedding on them or have biological accidents, so you’ll want a cover on them anyway to simplify that process. Note that these mattresses are not immune to bed bugs, though that is a common misconception.


Memory foam mattresses have many advantages over regular mattresses that shouldn’t be overlooked. They improve one’s posture at night and relieves stress on the major joints that contribute to aches and pains in the morning. They are quiet and comfortable. The heat retaining foam offers improved pain relief for some though it isn’t a benefit for all. Memory foam mattresses are naturally resistant to retaining allergens.

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