5 Reasons Moms Make Great Nurses

The field of nursing – and the healthcare industry in general – is appealing on its own for several reasons. A career in nursing is not only rewarding financially, but also rewarding emotionally. You will have the opportunity to help others on a daily basis while developing a bright future for yourself.

For moms in particular, working as a nurse is also very similar to taking care of the children and the family at home; the skills you master as a mom as the same skills you can use to become a great nurse. There are a lot of other reasons why moms make great nurses, but we are going to focus on just 5 of them in this article.

Become a Nurse from Home

You need certain requirements to enter the field of nursing, including a certificate as a registered nurse or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Today, top universities such as Rutgers University Online are making their nursing courses and programs available as online courses.

What does that mean? It means that you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Rutgers University while studying from home and assuming the role of a fulltime mom. Online courses, including the ones from Rutgers, let you study in your own time and to earn an accredited degree of your choice.

You Know How to Empathize

As mentioned earlier, many of the skills you master as a mom are useful when you work as a nurse; empathy is one of those skills. Empathy is a skill because it is something you can develop. In fact, nursing programs have classes that teach you to better understand how others feel based on non-verbal cues.

You are already an expert in empathy as a mom, so you’ll be even better as a nurse. You can treat customers better and show compassion in a more personal way.

You Have the Patience

As a nurse, you are also required to be very patient. Patience is another trait that moms already master, which is why transitioning from being a mom to a professional nurse is easier than you think. When faced with challenges or treating difficult patients and their family members, you have the patience to excel.

You Can Make a Difference

As a mom, you help shape the future of your children. You also keep the family moving forward towards the right direction, all while keeping things organized and well-managed. As a nurse, you also have the opportunity – a lot of them – to make a difference. It is the logical next step to take and you will love the experience nonetheless.

Flexible Work Hours

If you think working as a nurse means dealing with long hours and packed schedules, you are almost right. I said, “almost right,” because you can also assume roles with flexible work hours in the field of nursing. Even better, you already know how to organize your day meticulously.

You can, for instance, fill a managerial position in a healthcare institution. As a manager, you have more manageable workhours. You can also work in the home care industry if you want that extra flexibility. The choice is yours to make.

There are so many other reasons why moms make great nurses. These 5, however, are more than enough to convince you to take that first step and pursue a career in nursing.

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