3 Reasons Bikers Love Thailand

I was chatting to a fellow biker the other day about the best biking holidays that we’d been on. After 30 years of biking between us we had some pretty cool stories to exchange and also destinations to recommend.

He has been on countless biking tours all over the world and so have I, it was really interesting to compare notes especially because we both have different ideas about what makes a great biking holiday. Given the reason that we have different ideas about biking holidays it was interesting that we both agreed that motorcycle tours in Thailand were by far our favourite. If you’ve ever ridden a bike around Thailand then you’ll know exactly why we both agreed on that point – because it’s such an amazing place!

Services just for bikers

You’ll find no shortage of restaurants, cafes, hotels, bikes repair shops and an  selection of bikes to choose from when you reach Thailand. Recently there has been a branch of the tourism industry set up just to cater for those of us that like to see the country on two wheels. You’ll find several motorcycle clubs in Thailand, I recommend you contact them to chat about some great bike routes that foreigners otherwise would not know about. They’ll also to be give you great local insight about the best mechanics to visit.

Activities when you’re off the bike

Thailand is paradise so it is important that you enjoy yourself when you’re not on the road. If you’re in the south of Thailand you’ll be able to go surfing, snorkelling, diving and enjoy many other water sports too – Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world! If you’re in the north then you should explore the jungle, go rafting, visit hill tribes and even hangout in an elephant sanctuary. There is so much to see and do while you’re here that you really should make the most of it!

The Climate

I would say there are only about 3 months every year which are not good for biking, they are from July-September when it is the Monsoon season. For the rest of the year you will find the sun shining, making it the perfect biking weather!

Have you been on a biking tour to Thailand recently? I would love to hear all about your experiences, tales and tips. It would be great if you can share everything with the community here because it allows us to make sure others can plan the best trip possible. Just pop your thoughts in the comment section below – I am looking forward to reading everything you guys have to say.

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