About Us

Meet our crazy family! I’m Gill (the brains) and this is Josh (the brawn), and these 2 are Horace-Crispin and  Vivian-Minnie. Our story in a nutshell? We sold it all and hit the road! Well, we sold ALMOST all of it, we kept our house in Maryland, but everything else is gone while we gallivant around the world for a minimum of 5 years. And 2 years in, life couldn’t be better.

We are actively home-nursery-schooling our kids, and they already are bilingual in English and Farsi (Josh studied Iranian politics for his PHd). Not only that, they could tell you the capital of East Timor, Bangladesh and Taiwan. How? Because they’ve been there!

We travel slow, we soak it up, often staying in airbnb apartments for a week or so at a time. That way the kids don’t get burned out, we can concentrate on their education, and of course we get time to explore that little bit deeper.

Next up is a year in Europe, so join us, campervan-et-al, as we continue on our journey of a lifetime! Gill….

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